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This is a dedicated website for iTube Download Android, iPhone and PC. One can also download iTube APK App without any issue, read the complete guide to get more details.

The developer behind iTube is the same which first released Playtube named application and this time they have released this improved version of the same. Here is a tutorial that will help you get iTube download app for Android, iPhone, and PC.

You just need to go through this coverage over here and while you leave this web page, you’ll be having the complete information about iTube app along with the tutorials to download and install it.

Yes, I’ll cover everything about iTube application, all you need to do is read the complete post or guide which we have provided below.

It will surely help you to get more details and information for the application and will provide great amount of information regarding the application.

I have given all the official download links to the application as we don’t provide anything unofficial on this website.

iTube Download App Android APK, iPhone (iOS) & PC:

As I said, the app was first available as Playtube which was later removed from Google Play store and other stores as it was infringing the privacy policies of the stores. It has nothing to do with iTube APK, but it is related to the content producers on the similar platforms.

For example, downloading a song or watching a video without prior permission from its owner comes under privacy laws and not everyone has right to do that.

Still, as we’re talking about the internet here, doing this is simple, possible, and enjoyable. I mean, when you can get content for free, why you should be paying for it? I think that’s the valid reason to get iTube Download.

iTube Download

With the advancement of the internet, it doesn’t make sense as you’ll be able to watch a video or listen to a music number for free. It sure will not be the original soundtrack or video work, but it will be nevertheless inferior to the original one.

Table of Contents:

So, how about we start with the tutorial processes first and later move onto the details about the iTube App? This way, you can complete the installation part and while it’s completing, you can read the details of iTube application and inform yourself.

iTube APK Download for Android App:

In case of an Android device, installing and downloading iTube Android App is dead simple. Because of the fact that it has been removed from the Google Play store, you need to look for the alternate method. And that alternate method is installing an app via iTube APK file.

For you to So, go to the Security Settings on your Android device, and make sure you’ve enabled the option which says ‘unknown sources.’ Once this is enabled, the device will allow installing apps via their APK formats.

But, this is not a secure way to deal here, as if the APK file is corrupted or added with some malware, it can harm the device completely. So, beware of the source you download files from.

Click here to download iTube APK for Android.

iTube App

Once you are done with iTube Download, transfer it to the internal storage of the device (if downloaded on PC/laptop). Now, tap on the iTube APK file once you navigate it using the File Manager app, and then tap on Install button in the pop-up. It will take less than 10 seconds and the app will be ready in the App Drawer.

iTube Download for iPhone, iOS & iPad

The good news about iTube for iPhone app here, is that it is available without any price tag, which is rare for an iOS app, right? So, what stops you from getting it installed?

But the bad news here is that the app is not available on the official App Store under iTunes store. So, you need to get it from a third-party source and that’s exactly I’m going to share over here.

There goes your link which will take you to a source from where the app will be downloaded and later you can make it installed easily.

Note: Unfortunately we have to remove the link from this website due to some legal issues. Also as per our sources you can’t iTube Download iPhone from now onwards from any website (Apple is very strict these days about their terms and conditions).

There are methods known to every iPhone user these days using which a third-party app can be installed without jailbreaking the device.

iTube for iPhone

I could have explained but that will make this post longer than I intend to keep. So, if you need help, let me know in the discussions section below.

Download iTube for PC or Computer Windows:

The procedure to get iTube Download for PC is dead simple but not that quick to get over with. You need to follow the instructions I’m mentioning down here and it will get you over with the installation part here, and that too while ensuring no issues are matched.

Before you begin with the procedure itself, you need to be aware of certain facts, and make sure they are matching perfectly with the system at your end.

The first thing to match is that the operating system should be Windows 7 or above in order to download iTube App on PC. Any older version of OS will not work efficiently, and it should be updated with the latest updates and security patches released from Microsoft.

The second thing to notice is that there should be at least 10GB space free in C Drive and at least, 4GB RAM should be installed. Anything above will make the performance smooth, but anything below will make the scene bad. Finally, the internet connection should be working without any hiccups so that you can enjoy iTube Download without any issues.

iTube APK

I hope these things are all set at your end, so let’s begin with the procedure now. Following is the steps to follow.

  1. Of course, the first step is to get BlueStacks downloaded. You can get the offline installer or the online one from official website. (This is really very necessary step for you to download iTube App)
  2. Start installing the software by double clicking on the installer file and then follow the screen instructions which are common for any third-party software. In case of online installer, the procedure will take time, depending on the speed of internet connection.
  3. While the procedure is over, start the software and make sure the internet connection is still live. Now, using the above link in Android section, download the iTube APK file on your system.
  4. Once the file is downloaded, open it within BlueStacks and then install the same while accepting the terms and clicking on the Install button.
  5. You will be asked to login using a Google account which is mandatory for using Android OS services. You have to do this step to get iTube Download.

This software, BlueStacks, will work on Mac platform too, and other than its installation procedure, every other step will be same. So, here goes the answer you were looking to know.

iTube Android App

Once these things are over, you can find the app ready to work under All Apps section or its shortcut on the homepage itself. Click on the same so that you can use iTube APK on PC again.

A post or article is in complete if it doesn’t contain the features section and so we are getting you the same thing here.

Features of iTube Android App:

Now as you’re aware of the methods to download iTube app for Android, iPhone and PC, let’s have some details to know this app better. It will not take longer than five minutes but you’ll be aware about everything here. Meanwhile, the app will be installed on your device or PC.

  • First of all, iTube APK Download is too simple to use and learn how to navigate within is dead simple.
  • It will not take any longer than 2 minutes for any newbie to get addicted with this application and know it in a better way. So, you’ll rarely find need of any tutorial or guide to learn how to use and make it work in the best possible way.
  • Second, the UI inside is elegant which ensure the user experience is always rented on the top-notch standard.
  • iTube Download ensures that users are always happy while using this application and they are addicted completely. You can cross-check these characteristics by using the application by yourself.
  • Now, the third and one of the highlighting feature of this app is that it comes with a playlist facility.
  • This module is available with a search tool, allowing users to quickly search for a song or video quickly and also create any sort of playlists.
  • Also, it can buffer the videos on its own, making them available to be run without stopping for any silly reason.
  • iTube App keeps the video files in the cache form, taking minimum possible storage, and ensuring that users are finding them available always. It’s just another form of YouTube’s offline mode.

Moreover, iTube Android App can work perfectly in the background consuming lesser battery life, which is a blissful feature. It keeps albums and files in an organised way.

Overall, the package you’re looking here is top-notch and considering that it’s available for free, you can never ask for anything better, right?

iTube Download App

Conclusion on iTube Download:

Finally you’re aware about everything related to this application and I hope you are eager to share this tutorial on how to download iTube App and complete guide with all your friends online.

If you find any issues while using or installing the app, don’t forget to share that in the discussion section with us, so that we can come up with a better working solution for you guys. Let’s stay on the topic now and start watching movies and playing songs within iTube application. Cheers!

I really hope that you will visit this website in future also as we are going to cover more topics on this app i.e iTube Download.